Gaining the pleasure and opportunity to capture love, connections and emotions within a ‘Bespoke’ piece of jewellery is incomparable to a fixed assortment of jewelry. The Bespoke initiative is one of a kind in which you get to build your personalized piece of jewellery using one of our existing pieces or create something entirely new. The ‘Bespoken’ jewellery experience empowers you to make your vision and creativity a reality, a process that we will make possible for you. 

The beautiful feature about a bespoke jewellery is that it is truly unique, just like you. The jewellery is completely tailored to your fashion choices so that no other person will have the exact same piece. While making handcrafted jewellery we focus on quality and not quantity. In this initiative, a jeweller will spend ample time designing and fine-tuning your piece to showcase your personal identity in it. Unlike mass-produced jewels, curating a bespoken jewellery piece requires extreme precision which is assured by our highly trained artisans and designers. One of the other benefits of handcrafted jewellery is the remarkable customer service. We take great pleasure in not only creating stunning jewellery pieces for you, but also giving you an experience that will last for a lifetime. The process of creating a bespoke jewel is extremely convenient and personalized and channelises your ideas and energy. 

The bespoke process commences with a design consultation with one of our designers to understand your requirements and more importantly, your identity. During this period, you are introduced to a variety of style, stones, metal and budget options to choose from. Based on the selection, the final design of your unique jewellery piece is created. Rimjhims operates at the pinnacle of craftsmanship and fine design, our artisan and gem-setters put in tireless hours to perfect your unique jewel. 

Bespoke jewelry is an heirloom glory and to make your persona standout on any occasion. At Rimjhim, we are going beyond jewelry to give you a lifelong experience of luxury within your reach.

We would love to work with you on creating your very own bespoke moment.

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