Carefully handcrafted to carry the legacy of royalty age old

Carefully handcrafted to carry the legacy of royalty age old

Polki – Jadau Collection

Polki Jewelry is the royal emblem of Rajasthani ornament, crafted using uncut diamonds. Adorned with such intricacies, polki can be perfectly passed on as an heirloom glory. The Amaanat Polki collection, handcrafted by our adroit karigars, has gracefully curated jewels for every Millennial bride’s wedding trousseau. By marrying traditionality with modernity, each piece in the collection is carefully selected to showcase the elegance and vibrancy of royalty, capturing the true essence of every modern bride. 

Taking inspiration from the Rajputana heritage and centuries-old grandeurs of Rajasthani craftsmanship, the Polki collection’s hand-carved jewelry finds its roots in tradition and its rich aesthetics, perfectly blending it with the flair of a modern setting. The versatile gemstones found in our timeless art embodies the diversity in Rimjhim’s artistry while upholding the luxury of our jewels, making it suitable for both contemporary and trendy fashionistas.

Unique. Powerful. Complete. Rimjhim calls out to all women who crave quality, beauty and originality, encouraging this tribe to wear pieces with their own individualistic style.