Discover the Art

of Fine Jewellery

We believe in the power of sharing intentions through objects of beauty. To do this, we work with exceptionally skilled jewelry artisans who have years of experience, to create each product. Each piece is imbued with love and gratitude. It is these sentiments that we seek to pass onto anyone who owns our precious treasures.


1.  Designer

The first stage in the creative process involves conceptualization, ideating and sketching the jewel.

expert stobe buyer

2. Expert Stone Buyer

Our expert gemologists handpick each stone with careful consideration to maintain the highest quality standards.

model maker

3. Model

The highly-skilled craftsmen prepare an intricate metal framework based on the final sketch of the design.


4. Gem cutter

Each design is carefully customized, cut and polished to perfection by a highly skilled gem cutter.

gem setter

5. Gem setter

The experienced artisan carefully places the gems in the design to maintain the intricate structure.

final finishing

6. Finishing

Finally, each piece is majestically placed and polished to create an aura of perfection and artisanal beauty.

International Gemological

Gemological Institute
of America(GIA)


Bureau of Indian Standards