Shipping & Returns


  1. We offer Free Shipping and Gift Packing in India for the jewelry ordered on the Website.
  2. Shipping of the product shall be done through our courier partner or any other courier service provider.
  3. We provide durable and exclusive tamper-proof packing and deliver it in an exclusive company labeled box. Delivery dates may differ for different products. At the time of placing the order, the delivery timeline would be clearly mentioned.
  4. The Company/Website reserves the right to release information about the user or their order to local, state, central or international law enforcement officials if required by the law or if authorized by a Court.
  5. For all international orders the Cart Value should be of minimum 1000$ (US Dollars) 
  6. The shipping and handling charges apply for international destinations. The shipping cost varies according to the destination and will be confirmed before the order confirmation.
  7. For order within India, the payment can either be made through domestic Credit/Debit card or Direct Bank Transfer.


The Company/ Website offers a Limited Lifetime Exchange Policy. The policy is applicable on all the purchases made from the website within India subject to certain conditions.

  1. Return any product to the company after seven (7) days under the lifetime exchange policy and buy any new product of your choice form the website.
  2. Jewelry products made of studded diamonds shall be exchanged at eighty percent (80%) of prevailing market value and Jewelry products made only of gemstones shall be exchanged at seventy (70%) of the present prevailing market value.
  3. Plain gold jewelry and gold coins shall be exchanged at the present prevailing gold rate.
  4. The company shall determine the prevailing market value for the exchange purpose.
  5. Silver Jewelry products cannot be exchanged under this policy.
  6. Product should be accompanied by original Invoice. Submission of the original Invoice is compulsory under the Lifetime Exchange Policy.
  7. In case of a refund under this policy, payment of the balance refund amount shall be made by way of an online bank transfer to the customer’s (Company/Website) bank account within ten (10) days of receipt of the product.
  8. In case the exchange value of the old product is lower than the value of the new product, the user will have to pay the difference between the new product chosen and the valuation of the old product.
  9. Returns of Made-to-Order/Customized jewelry would be dealt by the company on a case-to-case basis.
  10. The company reserves the right to change the limited lifetime exchange value of the product based on the Quality Inspection done by the Quality Assurance Department.


All goods/jewelry shipped is insured by the company/website during the transit process for any possible theft or damages, to ensure the User’s purchase is safely delivered.