World of Rimjhim

Our Story

 A blend of sunshine’s joy,
With the petrichor of nature’s fragrance,
Her aura radiates grace and illuminates,
As she sways to the melody of the light drizzle of rain

Rediscover nature’s artistry of gemstones with
Rimjhim Fine Jewels.
Rimjhim, also known as ‘light drizzle’ in Hindi, represents the spirit of nature and embodies values of inimitable trust. We are not just a jewelry store, but a flawless gallery of fine art. Rimjhim’s strong connection with mother Earth is reflected in its undivided vision to create irreplaceable beauty and luxury in every jewel created.
We at Rimjhim believe in keeping our art transparent to support our love for the craft and its fair practices. Rimjhim in its jewelry, represents the essence of nature, Indian architecture and aesthetics in its designs, that exceeds the imagination of the wearer.

F A I R   P R I C I N G

Giving back with fairness and honesty has been Rimjhim’s mantra. Our philosophy is to ensure fair practices in our work with a transparent pricing strategy for our customers. We sleep well knowing that our finest handcrafted love has reached its beloved destination with utmost integrity.

B E H I N D  T H E  F I N E

Your fine jewels from Rimjhim are all handcrafted to perfection by master craftsmen in our workshop. Our soul elates with joy, when it witnesses the harmony amongst the artisan who craft the beauty so intricately intertwined, blending every element for You.

Q U A L I T Y  S O U R C I N G

Inspired by the mother earth and the bounties she offers selflessly, we source only high-quality gems, precious metals and natural diamonds. Our designer and a Gem expert, Shreya handpicks these gemstones for giving you nothing but the best!

The intricate designs, each unique in its own way, each narrates its own story. And when the concepts turn into reality, it is sheer bliss. Come, be part of this blissfulness. The journey of Rimjhim by Shreya Bansal.

About Shreya

An explorer at heart, Shreya has creativity rooted deeply in her spirit.  A NIFT graduate and a certified Gemologist from GIA, she went on to work with some of the biggest Jewelry brands in India, understanding the artisans and their generation of skills. With a deep awareness of the Jewelry and the Gemstone industry, she had her enlightening moment while exploring the by lanes of Johari Bazaar in Jaipur. She realized the need to educate consumers about some common myths of gems and jewelry, along with maintaining transparency with utmost trust. 
Thus, Rimjhim Fine Jewels was born.
Taking cue from the divinity around, from leaves, to the wind, from the full blooms to the hue of the rising sun, she knows how to wrap elegance within every handcrafted piece of jewel.
Shreya’s vision and her creative eye within, has helped her create exquisite and intricate jewelry while uplifting the artisans and their craft.
You deserve only the finest jewels, crafted
to perfection, specially for you.

The Artisans

Karigars – The heart and soul of our artistry.

Karigars are the craftsmen who are the backbone and support system of any jewelry boutique. Their craft and skill takes years to master and yet a majority of them have been underpaid and exploited for decades in this industry. We at Rimjhim aim to fill people’s lives with abundance and delight both for the one who crafts the magic, and the one who dons it.

Rimjhim is incomplete without our karigars and will always continue to ameliorate their skills for our most prized possession, You. In every piece we try to capture the eternal charm, for you to mirror their sense of pride, and bring back the glory to their skills.